December 23, 2008

A ruthless murderer

Last night (12/18/08) after taking a showell to placate the prevailing heat, I heard my sister. PO, called me from the front of the house. She mentioned that was a "Cutuchi (Siphonops Paulensis) which came to the house. According to the virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia defines it as a kind of amphibious (...) which is in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Their natural habitat is tropical forests and savannas or subtropical dry, wet, dry shrubland, seasonally wet or flooded lowland pastures, plantations and rural gardens.

In front of my home, in the city of Santa Cruz (Bolivia), there is a vacant lot, the only one around the block, which can accommodate large numbers of vermin, rodents, insects, poisonous snakes and to small predators such as carachupa (opossum and weasel) and could be up and robbers and drug addicts, just for this lot is inhospitable to where I think these are bugs.

When I arrived saw that was this horrible reptile, and before the onslaught of my dog "Drago" decided to attack mooring. caté it was this disgusting animal I took a machete, but it was "muto" (not sharp), so she could only hit giving perhaps only pain. Even I took a brick, but in the darkness and the bushes are blending making it difficult to finish.

My Sister. asked my neighbor SV sharpening a machete, which could eventually kill the animal serpent, accurate after a direct hit on the head.

I learned after a quick investigation on the Web, is that this is known as "Caecilinas" or "blind snake." They are a kind of transition between worms and eels. Seem to have a head at each end, are between 12 and 35 cms. de large and 1 cm. wide. thick. They feed on larvae, termites, insects, etc.. There are different colors because there are some 50 varieties of it.


Genre: chordates
Sub-genre: vertebrate
Class: Gill
Order: Gymnophiona
Family: Caecilidae

December 17, 2008

Thanks for invite us

On Saturday 12/13/08 in a surprise arrive of Comrade RR to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and then to share some "chelas" (beers) to take down the sweltering heat, while talk about his latest adventures in the Inca territory (Perú) we decided call LV, with the even more surprising news that night must sign of changing his marital status from unmarried to married.

While the rumors were true that I managed not thought about that speed time out immediately to make arrangements for this purpose. So we decided to call JCA who was in full physical action "endless", but he decided to turn off his mobile phone. In the end, we transmitted the information to arrive on time for the Church.

The ceremony to which alligator "paratrooper" was conducted in the Chapel of Equipetrol, an elegant residential district of Santa Cruz. The solemn event was characterized as one of them. There we were meeting the nearest friends, who, ironically, we were not invited, why? still do not know and I do not expect that we know soon. As usual we take the free gourmet. After some souvenir photos we decided to go to a bowling alley to take some beers to continue sharing between RR and JCA, and then quietly went back to our "jato" as the Peruvians say .

December 11, 2008

Against Facebook

After weeks of negotiations, the Internet giants Google and MySpace have decided to join in a strategic alliance to improve computing platforms for social networks to cope with another big as Facebook.

Faced with the growing threat of cornering the market for social networks to demonstrate Microsoft buying 1.6% stake in Facebook, worth $ 240 million, Google decided to annex other companies that make up the "Open Social" following his negotiations fail Purchase of shares in Faceebook.

Facebook now has 47 million users co being the leader in the social network. To combat this,the search for information, formed along with Yahoo, MySpace, Aol, Hi5, Plaxo, Friendster, Orkut and others a sort of association (OpenSocial created in november 2007) that allows them to share information useful to their platforms so that they make it easier competition.

December 09, 2008

Pororó - Los Polvos

The "Pororó" is a variety of roasted corn, made of Guarani name (South America), the term is used in Bolivia, Paraguay and some locations in Argentina and in other Latin American countries is known as rosettes of corn, tostones, cotufas, millet, pochoclo , canguil, popcorn, and so on.

Without taking importance in the name of origin of each country or locality, the following is a video of the group cruceño "Los Polvos" (The Powders), filmed in the cabins of the "Piray" river , the main river from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia). A contagious rhythm and cheerful in the audio can be received.

Promoting once again the local initiative, with you the video said:

December 05, 2008

Nataniel`s Birthday

On Saturday, 22/11/08, celebrated a day later, Nataniel M, invited their friends to a "churrasco" (barbacue in spanish) organized at the house of AR, known within a closed condominium in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), where we enjoyed the heat, 34 ºC (about 105ºF), pool, drinks, meat , girls, and so on.

Starting from a simple lunch and extending until the evening, the heat of "spirits drinks", where AR, GR, MA, LH and along with others enjoyed a good sunny day ...


December 01, 2008


The other day, while surfing the waves on the Internet, through the website YouTube accidentally stumbled with a video that called me powerfully my attention because it was a girl or a teenager with an angelic face and eyes whose gaze became hiponitizing at times, nevertheless seemed to be a musical videos and photographs of this girl with the title "Magibon." When I finished to watch it discovered another video with the title "Magibon Eyes", which was similar to earlier, in fact the existing features were similar to the original, a girl who sat in front of the camera and said nothing , Was only emphasis on the eyes, in some cases only a sweet voice was heard saying phrases in Japanese, all registered under the name Magibon what or who was Magibon?

Moved by my curiosity I went to the Google search engine where the word in question appeared to my surprise on several web sites, forums and countless blogs, making reference to a girl Youtubeuser (or YouTube user who has an account on the Web). The information I collected and extract surprisingly, this led me to other unreleased videos and increasingly surprising. My anxiety to know more about this character took me to stay for hours watching their own videos as well as other users, which in some cases it reported a tribute and others made fun of her. This last feature has increased my interest about why the honoree? or even worse, why they made fun of her? This last feature has increased my interest about why the honoree? o aún peor ¿por qué se burlaban de ella? or even worse, why they made fun of her? What aroused the interest in a Japanese teenager for unknown bulging eyes, spend time in creating videos with reference to it?

The answer to the title of this article (post) is answered in this way. This girl responds to the name of Magichan, but his YouTube account appears as MRirian, but it is known in the Internet as Magibon. Although his physical appearance deceived many (including me) is not a teenager, his videos dating back 2 years ago when she was around 20 years old. Another point is that she is not Japanese but American born in Florida (now resides in Pennsylvani), but who likes Japanese culture, so much so that she learned some phrases in this language.


Openned her account on 02/26/2006 at YouTube, where her videos are basically the same, appearing as a shy girl who looks fixedly at the camera, greets, speaking in Japanese and farewell with two fingers held high in peace. Since then it has risen 64 videos and they have been 4'014 543 times, has 68,034 users who have subscribed to her account each time she upload a video (data as of today 11/24/08). She is director of his own channel within the Web. Summarizing is an icon and referring to YouTube

A bit of their videos have been spreading around Japan as it appeared to be a "anime" of flesh and bone. The mood in the Asian world are part of their culture, cartoons (comics) from eyes of easy recognition. Among the best known are Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Super Champions, Naruto, and so on. among others. Magibon represented the living image of any of these characters from the Japanese TV with captivating look at the Internet surfers. Thus began a little to win supporters in both Asia and the U.S., where her devoted fans videos, forums, blogs and so on. toward her; while aroused the envy of some users tired of constantly seeing or hearing the name of Magibon.

Her fame spread in Japan, especially, which was commented on Radio and TV. It was so early in 2008, the Japanese chain Gyao traveled to USA to visit her at her home, making gifts typical of Japanese culture, in addition to give tickets to return to this country. It was a surprise for "Magi" who saw her dream come true to get to know this country, as this culture fanatic, who after leaving their state of shock accepted with a "arigato" confused with tears and laughter.

Her arrival in April 2008 to Japan was a great event, where she met several of local personalities, such as the popular presenter (and former singer) program Midtown TV, Mari Yaguchi, and the model and actress Ayaka Komatsu, among some. She was interviewed on TV and Radio, was provided for a Reality Show for herself, and attended numerous events. There could be more true to the Magi, whose nerves and fatigue left to see the other side of the sweet little girl tenderly amateur videos with allusion to the Japanese. There she could not control the angle that took the cameras, showing prominent chin and carefully hidden in each video, the lack of some teeth, so much so that most of the images in which laughed with his mouth was blocked both hands. However, simplicity, diminutive stature (about 5 feet.), The delicate tone of voice and knowledge of the Japanese language phrases won their fans.


In her interviews that she says began as a hobby upload videos herselves and never thought she had such an impact in the virtual world.

The most recent is known about her, thanks to its popularity, will be the voice of a character of the Japanese film "Blue Symphony" and in late November will appear in a special event on YouTube Live in Tokyo, along with other personalities.

Undoubtedly MRirian, Magichan or Magibon ... whatever the name, has earned a respected among others, for or against, who has managed to maintain the same style (Lolita in Spanish slang), through its "vlog "(As she calls his own), which through its effort to show herself in detail caring for the imperfections like the others of its work. Its contribution to the virtual world through her videos, incessantly visited, beyond the minutes of entertainment that they provide for the beauty that shows, is the implicit message that carries through from the figures that way herself with her hands ( the sign of heart and peace), perhaps trying to leave a message to the world ... love and peace.