December 11, 2008

Against Facebook

After weeks of negotiations, the Internet giants Google and MySpace have decided to join in a strategic alliance to improve computing platforms for social networks to cope with another big as Facebook.

Faced with the growing threat of cornering the market for social networks to demonstrate Microsoft buying 1.6% stake in Facebook, worth $ 240 million, Google decided to annex other companies that make up the "Open Social" following his negotiations fail Purchase of shares in Faceebook.

Facebook now has 47 million users co being the leader in the social network. To combat this,the search for information, formed along with Yahoo, MySpace, Aol, Hi5, Plaxo, Friendster, Orkut and others a sort of association (OpenSocial created in november 2007) that allows them to share information useful to their platforms so that they make it easier competition.

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