December 17, 2008

Thanks for invite us

On Saturday 12/13/08 in a surprise arrive of Comrade RR to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and then to share some "chelas" (beers) to take down the sweltering heat, while talk about his latest adventures in the Inca territory (Perú) we decided call LV, with the even more surprising news that night must sign of changing his marital status from unmarried to married.

While the rumors were true that I managed not thought about that speed time out immediately to make arrangements for this purpose. So we decided to call JCA who was in full physical action "endless", but he decided to turn off his mobile phone. In the end, we transmitted the information to arrive on time for the Church.

The ceremony to which alligator "paratrooper" was conducted in the Chapel of Equipetrol, an elegant residential district of Santa Cruz. The solemn event was characterized as one of them. There we were meeting the nearest friends, who, ironically, we were not invited, why? still do not know and I do not expect that we know soon. As usual we take the free gourmet. After some souvenir photos we decided to go to a bowling alley to take some beers to continue sharing between RR and JCA, and then quietly went back to our "jato" as the Peruvians say .

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